Placed between 2000 and 3000 m above sea level, in the North of the Calchaquí Valley, Salta, Argentina, in the departments of Molinos, Cachi and San Carlos are micro-valleys with high oenological potential. Locally they are known as Valle Arriba.

Since 2007, we have been studying each corner of this region and selected some of these terroirs due to their nature and potential. It is precisely in these terroirs where we have produced exceptional wines.


We seek to convey the exclusivity and originality of the Calchaquí Valley landscape through small batches to connoisseurs and unique wine collectors. These batches depicting an "art collection" were conceived and selected by Yeyé Dávalos, sixth-generation wine-maker of Salta. We present this collection as a "terroirs palette", displaying a characteristic wine of each terroir:

El Pucareño

“En tu copa cabe el río
El viento agreste y el sol.
Cabe el cielo, amigo mío,
y es tinto su corazón.”


Originating from Angastaco, San Carlos, at 2400 meters high, this malbec wine reveals the freshness and delicacy of this valley's soils. Fermentation with its own yeast in small vases without wood intervention.

Unique lot of 430 bottles of wine.

El Seclanteño

“Hacer este vino es ciencia
traída del más allá
como tráidas son las uvas
toditas de Seclantás”

M. C.

Originating from Seclantás, Molinos, at 2200 meters high, this wine was produced with indigenous yeast from Tannat grapes. It has been left to age for 12 months in fifth and sixth use French oak barrels.

The fruity character and the aromatic expression are as prominent as the intense color that represents this varietal wine.

Unique lot of 600 bottles of wine.

El Cateño

“No me des agua, aguatera,
que tengo penas de amor.
Dame vinito cateño
y lo tomemos los dos"


Originating from Luracatao, north of Molinos, at 2600 meters high, this strong and aromatic malbec is a genuine sample of the altitude's virtues. It is a full-bodied wine with a long lasting end in mouth.
Fermentation with its own yeast in small vases without wood intervention.

Unique lot of 530 bottles of wine.

About Us

Paula Marra

Is an agricultural expert and entrepreneur. Founder and executive member of Los Gobo Group, a Latin American leading agribusiness and investment company. Paula is an active member of several civil organizations such as Poder Ciudadano, Darse Cuenta Foundation, Emprendimientos Rurales Foundation, Grupo de Productores del Sur, Espacio de Negocios Inclusivos, a member of the Inter-American Development Bank's 2020 Strategic Advisory Board. Founder and shareholder of Bioceres, one of the main biotechnology companies in Argentina. Founder of Matriarca, an organization that promotes cultural products and the development of Creole and native communities in Latin America. Founder of Warmi, a textile company that works with communities from northern Argentina. Based in New York City, Paula represents our wines in the world.

Raúl Dávalos (Yeyé)

An Agricultural engineer and winemaker. Shareholder and director of Bodega Tacuil. Founding member of Wine Growing Professionals Board in north-western Argentina (COPROVI) and the Calchaquí CREA Group. Raul provides professional advice to numerous wine-growing projects across the Calchaqui Valley. In 2005, in order to productively develop the high Calchaqui Valley, he founded Mayuco SRL, from where the wine collection of innovative terroirs Valle Arriba emerges.

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